Hola amigos! We invite you to My Bilingual Amigos Spanish Immersion Camp this summer 2024 here in Port St Lucie.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with 414 million speakers. We understand the importance of being bilingual! Language immersion is considered an incredibly effective method because it is how people naturally learn their first language when they are young. By encouraging the learning of a second language the same way children learn their primary language, the new language is easily grasped at the time when critical pathways are still being formed in their brains.

Full immersion at a young age makes learning Spanish fun and effortless through the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum designed by experts in the field. Exposing children to foreign languages from an early age helps them learn the new language easily.

My Bilingual Amigos Spanish immersion program Port St Lucie is here in Port St Lucie to impact families in our community.

Our Mission We help building connections for children and families as they explore a new language through multisensory approach to learning. This project will additionally help to grow community connections by providing opportunities for families and children to increase community engagement while decreasing communication barriers.



 My Bilingual Amigos expresses sincere gratitude to the Panamerican Round Table of the Treasure Coast for their generous funding of our program, for sharing our vision for education and impact in our community and for being such strong community partners in bringing this vision to fruition. 

Thanks to their Scholarship we are able to offer a foreign language enrichment program at a low cost and to continue providing opportunities for building connections with children and families in our community. 

The Panamerican Round Table of the Treasure Coast’s contribution is truly appreciated and we are grateful for their partnership in helping us achieve our mission. 



Why chose My Bilingual Amigos Spanish immersion program?

  • Our team is built by qualified native Spanish speaking instructors with extensive experience working with children as well as creating a fun and engaging learning environment. We teach Spanish in a natural way.
  • We understand bilingual development. Our program is supported by bilingual speech-language pathologists and communication experts.
  • We work with small groups of up to 6 children, to ensure individual attention and have the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish. RBTs are allowed to stay with your child throughout the day.
  • We design interactive and hands-on activities such as games, arts and crafts, music, role-play, storytelling, and cultural experiences to make learning Spanish fun and engaging.
  • Our goal is to provide a total immersion experience by working on weekly topics or themes, where children are encouraged to practice speaking Spanish throughout the day.
  • Cultural experiences such as traditional dances, music, food and customs are also in place to help children gain deeper understanding and appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Our fun and engaging curriculum incorporates learning with fun and exciting activities that keeps children motivated and interested in learning Spanish.

Where are we located? 1631 NW St Lucie West Blvd Suite 208 Port St Lucie, Fl 34986

My Bilingual Amigos Summer Camp starts in June. Free Registration is now open.

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Meet the Teacher

ALINA GONZÁLEZ, BA, TESL K-12 Certified Spanish Instructor

Hola, me llamo Alina. I am a Certified Spanish Instructor with more than 20 years of teaching experience.  I received  my Bachelor in Education in Teaching English as a Second Language from the Higher Pedagogical Institute, Frank Pais Garcia, Cuba.  I truly believe in the importance of learning a foreign  language that is why I decided to spread my love and passion for my native language, earning my Florida  Teaching Certificate as a Spanish Instructor.

I have been working for the St Lucie County School District for 16 years, improving my teaching skills and building relationships with my students.

I came from Cuba 18 years ago, with my oldest daughter Alicia and a bag full of dreams. I have lived in Port St Lucie for 15 years with my three amazing kids Ali, Amy and Isaac feel blessed of being residents of this beautiful city.

I enjoy teaching, helping others, going to church, and travelling with my family and friends.

I am looking forward to this summer camp since I am very passionate about teaching Spanish, especially to kids. I’m eager to embark on this fun adventure, where your kid will not only learn Spanish but also make many bilingual friends. Choosing to raise a bilingual child is a very thoughtful decision, as it is a unique and valuable gift that they will carry for the rest of their life. From my own experience, I can assure you that listening to your little ones speaking Spanish is not only a rewarding but memorable experience.


¿Tu hijo habla español en la casa con los miembros de la familia que no hablan inglés?¿Puede comunicarse fluidamente con la familia cuando viajas a tu país? ¿Te preocupa que tu hijo no sea bilingüe?
Si estás criando hijos bilingües y quieres que refuercen sus habilidades de expresión oral en español, te invitamos a que los inscribas en nuestro campamento de verano “My bilingual amigos”
Durante 8 semanas, empezando en Junio 3, los niños de 4-10 años tendrán una experiencia de completa immersion en español a través de actividades divertidas donde entrarán en contacto con diferenctes culturas de habla Hispana.
Desde las 9am hasta las 2pm, de lunes a viernes, maestras calificadas de español estarán al frente del currículum para enseñar español a principiantes o a aquellos que quieran reforzar el idioma.
Contaremos con varios invitados que nos enseñarán bailes típicos, nos dejarán probar sus exquisitas comidas, nos mostrarán sus costumbres y nos llenarán de sorpresas mientras que los niños aprenden montones de palabras nuevas en español.
Estaremos usando un método de aprendizaje multisensorial, para que la experiencia se perciba a través de todos los sentidos y se afiance en la memoria de los pequeños. Ellos aprenden mejor cuando pueden vivirlo.
Nuestro curriculum está reforzado y aprobado por expertos del habla y el lenguaje bilingües.
¿Te parece bien la idea? Pues tenemos algo mejor aún para contarte. La Mesa Redonda Panamericana de la Costa del Tesoro ha ofrecido becas a cada niño que se inscriba en nuestro campamento de verano para así reducir el costo de participación semanal.
La inscripción en el programa es gratuita, pero tenemos cupos limitados.
¿Dónde inscribes a tus niños? Llena la forma que aparece arriba.
Tienes preguntas? Envia un email a [email protected]
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